Select your utility service providerRhode Island Energy
Total number of electric utility accounts:1
Average annual energy use (kWh):207,877
Average annual energy spend ($):$42,708
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Please name/describe your RFPKent County Water Authority On-Site Solar Projects
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Procurement TypeCompetitive Bid: Public
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KCWA Headquarters 51 Technology Way West Greenwich RI 02817
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  • On_site_Solar_Rooftop
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  • Battery Storage
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Energy, Procurement and Project Goals

Energy, Procurement and Project Goals

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  • Direct Purchase
  • On-Site NMCA/PPA
REC OwnershipClient
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  • KCWA Headquarters
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TitleWater Project Engineer
Contact NameNicole Campagnone
Enable public comments?Yes
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Phone(410) 821-9300
StateRhode Island
Address1072 Main Street
CityWest Warwick
Overview Information

Overview Information

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The Kent County Water Authority is committed to providing our valued customers with the finest, most cost effective and reliable drinking water. We continually strive to adopt new and better methods for delivering the best quality drinking water to you.

The Kent County Water Authority currently supplies and distributes water services on a retail basis to residential, commercial, industrial and other consumers within reach of its existing infrastructure within Kent County and a portion of Cranston, Scituate and a small area of North Kingstown. The Authority is legislatively empowered to provide public water service within Kent County. Kent County boundaries encompass approximately 172 square miles of land mass. It lies approximately five miles south of Providence and includes the towns of Coventry, East Greenwich, West Greenwich, West Warwick and the City of Warwick.

Please provide a brief description of the renewable energy project you are seeking

The Kent County Water Authority (KCWA) is requesting proposals from qualified, renewable energy companies to design, install and provide long-term operations and maintenance for on-site solar solutions for its new (to-be-constructed) headquarters located at 51 Technology Way, West Greenwich, RI.  It is the goal of KCWA to be powered 100% from newly developed renewable energy sources, to utilize renewable energy – to the extent possible – to reduce KCWA utility costs, and to provide the long-term benefits, both environmental and financial, to its ratepayers.  KCWA seeks both proposals covering all options, including but not limited to turnkey purchase, PPA and other proposed transactions.  It is the preference of KCWA to retain the RECs produced from the project.



OrganizationKent County Water Authority
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David Simmons Executive Director
Nicole Campagnone Water Project Engineer
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  • David Simmons
  • Nicole Campagnone
Will RFP have a Pre-Bid meeting?Yes
Is Pre-Bid meeting mandatory?Yes


Pre-bid meeting location
RFX Issue Date07/11/2022
Pre-bid meeting date07/22/2022
Pre-bid meeting time09:00 AM
Virtual meeting link
Will RFP have a Site Visit for potential respondents?Yes
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Is Site Visit mandatory?No
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RFX End Date08/15/2022


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Additional Client specified milestones or events
Developer experience, qualifications and financial strengthPricing
Project overall feasibility (development, interconnection, permitting and approvals risk)Experience with public net metering arrangements
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Project siting and designQualifications and Experience
References and reference projects (5 points)Schedule
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Standard RFX LanguageKCWA-Public-Private-Solar-Partnership-CED-Draft-2022.01.13.docx
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