Your clean
energy transition
starts here.

Your clean energy transition starts here.

Buyers and Developers

Save time. Reduce costs. Get better bids.

Copacity’s technology empowers small and medium sized organizations to achieve their clean energy goals – efficiently, effectively and economically.


The process to switch to clean power often wastes time, money, and resources. Organizations can spend months or years in the RFP process – and might even scrap their clean energy transition if it all gets too complicated. Developers squander enormous time and energy applying to cumbersome and inconsistent RFPs.

Clean Energy Buyers

The procurement process is often a nightmare because buyers:

Clean Energy Developers

RFPs for small/medium projects are often:


The Copacity platform simplifies and streamlines the messy RFP process – and matches buyers with the right developers.

Clean Energy Buyers

Copacity makes buying clean energy easy by:

Clean Energy Developers

Copacity makes selling clean energy easy by:


Changing the clean energy economy one customer at a time.

Changing the clean energy economy one customer at a time.


Who we serve


Corporations are seeking renewable energy options to meet sustainability goals to reduce utility expenses...


Nonprofit organizations are facing increasing operational expenses and a competitive fundraising...


Often, more than 90% of educational budgets are allocated to fixed costs. The Copacity platform provides...


Today, municipalities are seeking opportunities to meet 100% clean energy goals and reduce energy...

Affordable Housing

With the abundance of incentives to support renewables in affordable housing...

Public Housing

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development is committed to expanding the use of renewable...

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