Your Exclusive Energy Executive

Copacity joins forces with your team as a strategic consultant to identify renewable energy goals and opportunities, and then work with you to develop and implement solutions that capture the maximum amount of available energy savings for your organization.

Copacity serves as your “in-house” renewables expert, but on an “out-sourced” basis.

Bring Energy Expertise In-House

  • Client-Side Consultants

    Copacity was formed to provide our clients with the independent, objective, and comprehensive services needed to implement renewable energy strategies that deliver the greatest savings possible. Sourcing renewable energy projects involves a series of extremely complex operations, especially when your organization doesn’t have dedicated in-house renewables expertise. Partnering with Copacity will not only ease the process of procuring renewable energy, but will greatly enhance its value.

  • Managing Renewable Installers

    Copacity joins forces with your team as a strategic consultant to identify renewable energy goals and opportunities, and then work with you to develop and implement solutions that capture the maximum amount of available energy savings for your organization.

  • Insights Into All Industries

    Copacity has successfully launched renewable energy projects for non-profits, municipalities, schools, affordable and public housing organizations, public agencies, and more. With over 75mW of installations and $200mm of invested capital, Copacity knows what it takes to secure energy savings and tailor them to your specific industry challenges. We’ve seen and saved it all.

  • Local Markets and Incentives

    Copacity doesn’t just know local renewable energy policy and incentives, we been an integral part of creating it. From designing policy and incentives to representing clients governmental and legislative interests, Copacity knows the local energy policy and incentive landscape like no other. As your exclusive energy executive, we communicate with public agencies, stakeholders and utilities to maximize your project’s participation in the renewable energy market, leading to a substantial increase in savings, all within a streamlined and simplified process for you.

How We Work With You

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The Hand-Off

First, we’ll meet with you, key members of your team, and others stakeholders you identify to understand your overall interests and goals. With that, we’ll collect, organize, and analyze your electricity usage. Once we know where you are, we can envision where you’re going.

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Draft Project RFP

Now that we have your goals in place, we'll generate your organization's competitive procurement for renewable energy providers and projects. Our process ensures the most access to the largest source of qualified professionals in the marketplace, and is ensured to meet all – public or private – competitive bidding requirements.

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Ready to Respond

Once the competitive bid is issued, we will manage all communications and inquiries from potential respondents, ensuring the most competitive, accurate and efficient responses.

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Review and Underwrite

After the competitive bid period closes, Copacity performs a thorough review and underwriting process, which provides you with a technical and financial analysis, a critical risk assessment along with a scoring and summary report. This analysis package is designed to provide managers, boards of directors, city/town councils, and other organizational decision makers with the information they need to make decisions.

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Select a Developer

After reviews of the analysis, we work closely with you and all necessary decision-makers to select the most qualified respondent for your renewable energy project.

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Negotiate Project Terms

Once a 3rd-party provider is selected, we assist in contract negotiations and begin to prepare for the project launch.

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Review Closing Documents

We'll review and finalize Power Purchase Agreements, Purchase and Sales Agreements, Renewable Energy Credit Agreements and any other agreements needed to close the transaction.

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Finalize Deal

It's almost time to start saving. At this stage, we complete any final project deal structure and finance closings.

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Project Oversite

With contracts in place, we oversee the selected team of developers throughout the project's implementation and operation and ensure energy is being provided and savings being delivered as proposed.

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On-Demand, Everday

Copacity provides our clients with all of the day-to-day services, technical and mangerial support needed for the successful completion of your project so you can sit back and start saving.

Who We Serve


Today, more than ever, cities and towns are exploring renewable energy as a means to both stabilize and reduce energy costs. And with clean energy policy often a focus at the local and state levels, municipalities are looking to take advantage of the range of policies, program and incentives to maximize on these savings opportunities.

However, as if navigating the renewable energy landscape was not complex enough, the added public procurement and public contracting provisions can make it that much complicated for all those involved.

Copacity partners with municipalities and assists them in identifying, procuring, and managing public renewable energy projects, involving all stakeholders – internal and external – and providing the highest level of public bidding processes, transparency and open competition, to ensure a smooth and effective process.

The Copacity process has delivered results for both onsite solar and offsite wind projects. Their process helped to deliver a $0 cost, below-market PPA; $700,00 in grant funds; $21MM in wind turbine funding and an above-market long-term REC contract. With Copacity’s expertise, West Warwick has become the first 100% renewable-powered municipality in the state, saving over $1MM annually. I fully endorse Copacity and their comprehensive approach and expertise.

Frederick J. Presley Fmr. Town Manager, West Warwick, RI


Whether private or public, schools and other educational institutions can save significantly through the use of renewable energy. Whether on-site installations or remotely located projects, these savings can reduce long-term operating costs, providing additional resources to invest in teaching and learning.

However educational renewable energy projects come with their unique set of challenges also. From aging facilities, procurement processes, managing competing interests and navigating through organizational infrastructure, committees and board approvals, these added complexities not only increase the burden of getting projects done, but can impact savings as well. Copacity has extensive experience managing renewable energy projects for both private and public schools, and we do so in a way that not only makes the process simple, but provides ensures minimal classroom disruptions, while securing renewable energy projects provide additional educational opportunities for both students and faculty.

The Copacity process and results exceeded our expectations. Their team made the entire process extremely easy and they did not impact any of our day-to-day activities. From the planning all the way to final inspections, the process was well managed. Partnering with Copacity has allowed the school to develop and implement self-funding environmental solutions on our campus.

John Kelley Executive Director, Meeting Street School


Renewable energy opportunities for affordable housing represents a multitude of positive benefits. It is widely viewed that access to renewable energy has largely been limited to middle- and upper-income communities, and low-income households rarely participate from these benefits, even though it is universally acknowledged that it would benefit them the most. Added, affordable housing developers, if and when they can utilize renewables to lower operating costs, free up capital to re-invest back into their existing portfolios and/or use these resources to assist in the development of new affordable housing stock.

Even with all these benefits, affordable housing has been one of the most challenging markets for the renewable energy industry. Physical constraints, housing finance agency restrictions, perceived credit risk and governmental bureaucracy all contribute to these challenges.

Copacity thrives in this market. We represent many affordable housing clients, and are well versed in addressing all of the risks above and are proud to say that 100% of our affordable housing clients are able to deliver substantial utility bill discounts to 100% of their portfolio units, and it was all done without any up-front capital investment.

Through their project aggregation and connected database, Copacity was able to provide not only WDC, but an entire portfolio of affordable housing developers, with renewable energy contracts that without a doubt offer best price and best terms. Copacity has definitely both expertise and value.

James Comer Executive Director, Women’s Development Corporation


With ongoing balance of budgeting and fundraising against operational expenses and organizational growth, non-profits are prime entities to secure long-term, lower cost energy options through renewables. And in addition to the bump in operational budget, smart renewable energy projects highlight to your current and future donors, that your organization is not only most prudent with their valuable contributions, but as much as possible is being driven toward the mission.

Non-profits have unique challenges in participating in renewable energy marketplace. First, as a non-profit, they often don’t qualify for many incentives, such as tax credits, that help finance renewable projects. Second, many non-profits either don’t own their building and/or are in a building where there are physical limitations to the amount of renewables that can be installed on-site. And third, as a non-profit, there is often times a perceived credit risk from private capital providers who finance these systems.

Copacity has worked with a wide range of non-profits to structure renewable energy systems that deliver year-over-year savings. Our experience ranges from securing finance and incentives for non-profits to actually own their own systems, to structuring 3rd party ownership options that allows for non-profits to secure renewable energy from off-site projects, with zero money down. We work with your organization to understand your goals and needs, as well as the interests of your committees, boards and funders. And as your independent representative, we ensure that with this organizational understanding, we identify the solutions that best meet these needs and then efficiently procure it for you.

All local governments are seeking ways of reducing energy costs through renewables and Copacity’s service has provided the insight and expertise that could not have been achieved within the city alone. Through Copacity, the city was able to put together all the pieces needed to install the state’s largest solar project, all while securing the best deal terms possible. More than just their technical competency, Copacity is a trusted source that places client interests first and I would recommend using Copacity for any of your clean energy needs.

Jeanne Boyle Economic Development Director, Pawtucket, RI


Over the years, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) has made multiple commitments to the expansion of renewable energy for Public Housing Authorities (“PHA”). These commitments highlight the need and commitment to utilize renewables as a means to significantly reduce PHA operating expenses.

While these commitments and programs are in place, renewable energy for public housing requires complex coordination between physical and programmatic challenges. Densely populated and high rise buildings do not make for good building candidates for any type of renewables and PHAs typically do not have excess land available for development of renewables. In addition to the physical constraints, coordinating renewable energy construction, contracts and savings within federal government and HUD guidelines can be a very daunting task.

Copacity has a long history working with PHAs, HUD and renewables. We understand the regulatory and administrative processes that need to be adhered to, especially with respect to HUD’s Rate Reduction Initiative, and the process needed to ensure renewable energy projects actually enhance PHA operating budgets. While these projects can be more complicated than most others, Copacity takes pride in delivering renewable energy solutions to organizations and tenants who need it most.

As an individual public housing authority, we wouldn’t have gotten the same savings as we obtained working with Copacity. Through their process, we literally doubled our energy savings, all while having contract terms and conditions prepared, reviewed and simplified. It is definitely a process I would recommend to not only other public housing authorities, but for any entity looking for renewable energy savings.

Stephen O’Rourke Executive Director, West Warwick Housing Authority

Note From the CEO

For over 15 years in the renewable energy industry, I have been involved in all aspects of the business. As a public official overseeing a state renewable program, as a private developer, and representing clients who seek to participate in this great market. Through all my experiences one thing has become very clear – the client, regardless of size or industry – would benefit from independent, objective expertise in seeking renewable energy solutions. However, navigating the renewable energy market is already confusing enough, so adding an additional layer would complicate matters even worse. This is what lead to the formation of Copacity. A service that provides clients with independent and objective expertise, but in a streamlined, efficient manner. The result: A process that is both simpler and more cost effective for the client.

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