Energy, Procurement and Project Goals

Energy, Procurement and Project Goals

This information will be used as the starting point for building your custom procurement.

Average annual energy spend ($):$259,923
RFX TitleSolar Carport #1
Select your utility service providerRhode Island: National Grid/PPL
Total number of electric utility accounts:1
Average annual energy use (kWh):1,860,200
Total kWh223,224
kWh as a % of Total Use12.0358923%
Procurement TypeRequest for Qualifications
REC OwnershipClient
Procurement Options (Check all that apply, or that you would like to consider)
Overview Information

Overview Information

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  • Barry
  • Jim
Is there a procurement/review team in place:
Name Title Email
Barry Wenskowicz
Jim Kelly
Due Diligence and Evaluation.

Due Diligence and Evaluation

Please select all the factors that you would like to utilize in performing due diligence, review and analysis on proposals received.
If you are unsure which factors to select, you can simply use the "Select All" function - the Copacity reporting will make your review and analysis simple and efficient.

RFX Issue Date05/01/2022
RFX Milestones
Insert Milestone #1 HereAward Project to Developer and sign contract
Insert Milestone #2 HereComplete permitting
Insert Milestone #3 HereBegin Consruction
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Possible Score
Enter Scoring Factor #1 HereQualifications of Proposer including references and related experience
Scoring Factor
Score 150
Score 250
Enter Scoring Factor #2 HereProposed Approach to meeting specific needs and providing a high quality project
Enter Scoring Factor #3 HereNone
Score 30
Enter Scoring Factor #5 HereNone
Enter Scoring Factor #4 HereNone
Score 50
Score 40
Enter Scoring Factor #6 HereNone
Score 60
Total Score
Bonus CriteriaNone
Section Break
Score 70
Score 80
Total Possible Score
+ Additional Bonus MetricNone
Utility BillsErnest-St-Mar-Apr-2022-1.pdf
Standard RFX LanguageRFQSolarCarport.doc
Client Uploads: Documents and Specifics

Client Uploads: Documents and Specifics

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