Energy, Procurement and Project Goals

Energy, Procurement and Project Goals

This information will be used as the starting point for building your custom procurement.

Average annual energy spend ($):$20,000,000
RFX TitleRhode Island Solar 1
Select your utility service providerNational Grid (Rhode Island)
Total number of electric utility accounts:200
Average annual energy use (kWh):105,000,000
Total kWh105,000,000
kWh as a % of Total Use100%
Procurement Type
REC Ownership
Procurement Options (Check all that apply, or that you would like to consider)
Overview Information

Overview Information

Please provide the requested detail on your custom RFX needs.
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Reviewer #1 Manager
Reviewer #2 Director
Due Diligence and Evaluation.

Due Diligence and Evaluation

Please select all the factors that you would like to utilize in performing due diligence, review and analysis on proposals received.
If you are unsure which factors to select, you can simply use the "Select All" function - the Copacity reporting will make your review and analysis simple and efficient.

RFX Issue Date03/22/2022
RFX Milestones
Insert Milestone #1 HereMilestone #1
Insert Milestone #2 HereMilestone #2
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Description Date
Additional Milestone #1 4/15/22
Additional Milestone #1 4/19/22


Please use the table below to establish the evaluation and scoring categories for this RFX. The Copacity platform automatically outlines recommended categories and points, however these are optional and can be edited if needed, or used as is.

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Possible Score
Enter Scoring Factor #1 HereExperience
Scoring Factor
Score 115
Score 215
Enter Scoring Factor #2 HereTechnical
Enter Scoring Factor #3 HereProject Siting
Score 310
Enter Scoring Factor #5 HereEconomic
Enter Scoring Factor #4 HereSchedule
Score 550
Score 410
Enter Scoring Factor #6 HereEnter Scoring Factor #6 Here
Score 60
Total Score
Bonus CriteriaBonus Criteria #1
Section Break
Score 75
Score 85
Total Possible Score
+ Additional Bonus MetricBonus Criteria #2
Utility Bills
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Client Uploads: Documents and Specifics

Client Uploads: Documents and Specifics

Upload any documents that may assist the Copacity platform in generating an RFP that best suits your procurement needs and requirements. This includes any detail you would like included in your RFX as well as any attachments, standard or required forms that need to be part of any RFX issued by your organization.

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