Onyx Asset Services Group LLC (“OASG”), an affiliate of ODG and a wholly owned subsidiary of Onyx, will provide asset management services on behalf of the Project, including close oversight of Operations and Maintenance (“O&M”) services, project performance monitoring and analysis, technical and financial reporting, and warranty and contract administration.  OASG will direct system preventive and corrective maintenance to ensure that the Project is in good working order and will closely monitor the Project’s performance to discover and rectify any condition affecting energy delivery in accordance with prudent power generation industry practices and pursuant to the conditions outlined in the Model PPA.  Since inception, OASG has self-performed asset management and O&M management services for Onyx’s 173 MW (DC) portfolio of operating solar assets, and its core team has several decades of renewable energy experience.  OASG utilizes strategic regional O&M partners to perform the physical work on the system, routine monitoring, and utility coordination for operations.