Asset Management
Green is experienced at providing asset management and O&M services by operating and
maintaining its 19 Vensys wind turbines and ten solar arrays in Rhode Island; amounting to
nearly 75 MW. From our robust and one-of-a-kind command center in Cranston, our monitoring
and proactive maintenance of renewable energy projects maximize the production of the array,
efficiency and mitigating operating and maintenance costs. Green actively monitors each project
at our network operations center and remotely, available 24 hours. We compile reports and bill
our net metering customers monthly. Green maintains service agreements with our equipment
providers, including filing relevant paperwork, process alarms, alerts, and service requests,
performing visual and mechanical inspections of renewable energy projects. Our asset
management personnel ensure full compliance with all terms and conditions of the Net Metering
Credit Agreement. The Town will not be responsible for the ownership, operation or removal of
the renewable energy system.