Verogy is a full-service solar developer established in late 2017 and is based locally in Hartford, CT. The
executive team has over 50 years of aggregate experience in the solar industry. Verogy was founded by the key
members of the management team of another Connecticut commercial and industrial (C&I) solar developer. After
leading the former owners of their previous company through a successful merger, the founders of Verogy set out to
provide C&I clients better renewable energy offerings through a new platform.

The executive team of Verogy has experience developing, financing and constructing approximately 350 C&I
installations across the country. This includes installations for various municipalities, schools and universities, corporate
clients, and utility companies. The installation sizes have ranged from 30 kW DC to greater than 5 MW DC. Given some
substantial awards from large corporate clients, the executive team of Verogy has experience managing over 150 solar
projects across multiple states simultaneously. Verogy also currently has over 50 MW of solar projects in active
development stages (both projects in-construction and projects in engineering/permitting), with an additional 60 MW in
earlier stages of development.

To provide us with the initial capital required to activate our strategy, we raised $5MM through the sale of a minority
equity stake in the company to Stonehenge Capital Company (Stonehenge). Stonehenge is a nationally recognized
specialty finance company with expertise in private equity, tax credit finance, and structured finance – a perfect fit for
Verogy’s growth ambitions.

Verogy is structured in a way that allows us to be more strategic, opportunistic, and creative in providing solutions for
our clients. This includes diversifying our product pool to fit the unique needs of each individual client, whether it be
on-site offerings (rooftop, ground-mount and carport/canopy), off-site offerings through virtual or direct PPAs, or
alternative technological solutions like battery storage. Our team’s unique and full-service expertise allows us to have
an extremely cost-effective platform. This translates to ultra-competitive pricing on our solar energy solutions, while
not sacrificing quality. It is our goal to provide the best possible development experience to our clients, and we do this
through hands on personalized service.