Green Development, LLC (“Green”) of Cranston, Rhode Island is pleased to respond to the
Request for Proposals (“RFP”) for the renewable energy project on town land as well as private
land for Town of Smithfield (“Town”), Smithfield School Department (“School Department”),
collectively, (“Smithfield”), as well as providing an opportunity for virtual net metering
(“VNM”). Our proposal is for a long-term lease of selected Town property for siting renewable
energy systems and operating a long-term virtual net metering agreement. The systems located on
the Town’s properties will be referred herein as the “Project” or the “Projects”.
Green is a vertically integrated Rhode Island-based renewable energy company that provides a
comprehensive range of services and resources in-house to plan, permit, design, construct, install,
finance, operate, and maintain remote net metered projects. Green’s unique and comprehensive
“cradle to the grave” scope drives quality and speed to allow for optimization across all elements,
while driving value to Town. Green intends to work with Smithfield for the duration of the
agreement and approaches this opportunity as a long-term public private partnership.
Green has the strongest and most diverse resume of operational projects in the State of Rhode
Island, having completed nearly 75 MW to date. Green’s portfolio of renewable energy projects
delivers electrical savings to the Narragansett Bay Commission, the Rhode Island Convention
Center Authority, National Grid, Johnson and Wales University, City of East Providence, YMCA
of Greater Providence, several private Rhode Island non-profit housing entities and the Towns
and School Departments of Portsmouth, West Warwick and Scituate. Green has other signed
contracts including the Diocese of Providence, Exeter West Greenwich Regional School District,
the Westerly Library Association, Warwick Public Schools, the Town of North Kingstown and
North Kingstown School Department, which will begin to receive savings in 2021. Green has
over 100 MW of available projects in active construction or late development. To date, Green’s
completed projects have successfully produced over 375 million kWh for its Rhode Island clients,
delivering tens of millions of dollars in annual electric savings.
Green employs an experienced, dedicated and passionate team who are prepared to start working
with the Town immediately. Green’s in-office and site team are intimately familiar with their
roles, industry standards, local to federal regulations and industry best practices. Green is
committed and able to identify and site renewable energy solutions on Town-owned land, which
will aid in achieving the Town’s renewable energy goals in the most responsible and timely
manner. The enclosed proposal adds to the financial benefit by providing revenue in the form of
lease payments as well as energy savings for the Town and School Department and tax revenue
for the Town.
Green has enclosed proposed financial benefits for both 20 and 25-year terms for leasing Town
property for the Projects and energy savings from developing renewable energy systems on the
Sand Trace and Former Town Landfill locations and VNM energy savings from Green’s projects
on private property. Green’s financial proposal scenarios incorporate the three fiscal proposal
situations requested by the Town. Working with Green could generate total fiscal benefits to
Smithfield in the amount of up to $500,000 in Year 1 and could yield up to $14.5 million and
$19.9 million over 20 and 25 years after they commence operation. Green has the tools and
unmatched experience to tailor project scale and locations specifically to meet the needs of the
Town of Smithfield.