Select your utility service providerNational Grid (Rhode Island)
Total number of electric utility accounts:100
Average annual energy use (kWh):25,000,000
Average annual energy spend ($):$5,000,000
If unknown, click here
If unknown, click here
Please name/describe your RFPMaryland State Solar
How many kWh do you seek to procure?
How many sites will be included in this RFX?
Procurement TypeCompetitive Bid: Public
Please add all the addresses to be considered for on-site projects
Specify kWh or % of total use100%
Project Types (Check all that apply, or that you would like to consider)
  • On_site_Solar_Rooftop
“Please upload a document which specifies all the sites included in this RFX. Please include the Address, City, State Zip code and any brief description of the site.
Maximize project size and/or kWh25,000,000
Project Type
  • Project: Remote Solar (Ground Mount)
Energy, Procurement and Project Goals

Energy, Procurement and Project Goals

This information will be used as the starting point for building your custom procurement.

Contract Type(s) (Select any contract options that you would like to consider in this RFX)
  • Direct Purchase
  • On-Site NMCA/PPA
  • Virtual (Remote) NMCA/PPA
REC OwnershipUndetermined/Optional
Does a Hard copy of the pricing bid need to be submitted?
Other (Describe)
Contact Name
Enable public comments?Yes
Overview Information

Overview Information

Please provide the requested detail on your custom RFX needs.
This information will be used to build your custom RFX, and will be available for edit and approval at any time.

Please provide a brief description of your organization
Please provide a brief description of the renewable energy project you are seeking
Please list any specific/unique RFX GOALS. Goals include items that Client would like to have as part of RFX response, but are not absolutely required
Please provide any specific language that Client requires, or otherwise would like incorporated into the RFX. Alternatively, please upload a template RFP that your organization uses, the includes language that must be incorporated in any RFP issued by your organization.
Is there a procurement/review team in place:
Name Title Email
Clarence Royce Mayor
Nerese Campbell Council President
Please list any specific/unique RFX REQUIREMENTS. Requirements include items that Client must have part of RFX response
Upload template
  • Clarence Royce
  • Nerese Campbell
Will RFP have a Pre-Bid meeting?
Is Pre-Bid meeting mandatory?


Pre-bid meeting location
RFX Issue Date02/17/2022
Pre-bid meeting date
Pre-bid meeting time
Virtual meeting link
Will RFP have a Site Visit for potential respondents?
Site Visit meeting time
Is Site Visit mandatory?
Site Visit meeting location
Virtual meeting link
Site Visit meeting date

Please use the table below to establish the milestones and timeframes for this RFX. The Copacity platform automatically outlines recommended milestones and dates, based on your RFX issue date.

These categories and dates are optional and can be edited if needed, and additional milestones and dates can be added at the end of the page.

Pre-bid meeting (recording posted to Copacity platform immediately following)Milestone 2
RFX issue date (Copacity platform opens RFP for registration and communication)Milestone 1
Copacity Recommended RFX Schedule:
Deadline for submittal of Questions.
Site visit (if applicable)Milestone 3
Posting of answers to questions to Copacity platform
RFP due (Copacity platform closes)
Respondent interviews (if applicable)
RFX End Date


Please use the table below to establish the evaluation and scoring categories for this RFX. The Copacity platform automatically outlines recommended categories and points, however these are optional and can be edited if needed, or used as is.

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The suggested categories and points can be edited if needed, or used as is. Additional evaluation and scoring categories can be added at the end of the section.

Additional Client specified milestones or events
Description # of Days from prior milestone
Milestone 4
Milestone 5
Developer experience, qualifications and financial strengthProposal Completeness
Project overall feasibility (development, interconnection, permitting and approvals risk)Proposer Qualifications
Score 510
Project siting and designProject siting
References and reference projects (5 points)Interconnection Status
Score 60
Enter Scoring Factor #10 HereEnter Scoring Factor #10 Here
Total Score
Possible Score
Score 1
Section Break
Score 1
Standard RFX LanguageClient-Standard-Language.docx
Total Possible Score
Standard RFX documentsClient-Standard-Documents.docx
Utility BillsClient-Utility-Bills.docx
Photos - Utility Meter(s)
Photos - Location of where electricity comes into the building(s)
Specific Distribution: Please specify a specific list of individuals/firms to receive a copy of the RFP
Template Contract documents