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Copacity is the only trilateral ecosystem for procuring clean energy. Typical procurements are often one-sided with misaligned goals, leading to transactions that are overly bureaucratic, prolonged and costly. Copacity solves this as the first and only platform to simultaneously and comprehensively align the interests of all procurement participants – in a simplified, user-friendly site.

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Whether you are a private company, public agency, school, or non-profit, the Copacity platform provides your team with all the tools and analysis needed to run comprehensive renewable energy procurements in-house using our customizable renewable RFP templates.

The Copacity platform is suited for all renewable energy procurement options: solar power, wind energy, hydro, RECs, EV charging stations, battery storage, and remote net metering.

Energy Buyers

After representing hundreds of MW of clean energy procurement for its energy buyer clients, Copacity realized there was a better, more efficient way for clients to procure clean energy. Regardless of industry, size or project type,

Copacity was developed to provide those seeking clean energy with a simple yet detailed platform to easily and effectively generate clean energy RFPs, manage communications, receive sophisticated response and evaluations, to support you organizations’ review and selection process, and to ensure you contract the best renewable energy option tailored to your organization’s goals and needs.

This detail and expertise will allow your team to confidently present to your organizational decision-makers, and will stand up to all the rigors of board-level scrutiny and evaluation, resulting in approval and successful renewable energy contracts.

In short, we guarantee that if the process is not more efficient and effective, resulting in reduced transaction time and greater utility savings, we do not charge. Ever.

Renewable Energy Developers

Copacity was created in response to its founders receiving, reviewing, and analyzing hundreds of renewable energy RFP responses. One of the greatest challenges organizations face in receiving competitive solar energy RFP bids is finding a simple means to compare multiple complex proposals on an “apples to apples” basis. As a result, we have seen clean energy developers often miss out on bid awards due to matters other than merit, with inconsistencies across competing proposals often being the biggest culprit.

Clean energy developers partner with Copacity to simplify their solar energy RFP response process and ensure that the best aspects of your proposal are presented clearly and consistently. Through the platform, developers can simply upload all the information a client would ever seek from a potential clean energy RFP. Once uploaded, when an RFP is issued, you only need to focus on providing your economic bid, while all of the other technical information you want supporting your proposal is simply selected from your dashboard saving time and streamlining your solar energy bidding process

And for the client – they receive all competing bids and bidder information in a consistent, standard package allowing them to have a true “apples to apples” comparison and focus on your qualifications and bid rather than figuring out how to organize, compare and otherwise evaluate across multiple complex responses. Not only does this allow for your company to shine every time, but makes the RFP review and selection process much more efficient and timely.

Energy Advisors

The Copacity team has served as the external consultant, procuring hundreds of MW of clean energy projects across solar, wind, hydro, carport, battery storage and more. This experience and expertise led us to develop this platform and support energy advisors in providing additional value added services to and for their clients. Our platform will not only streamline the clean energy procurement process, but will increase access to new clients, reach more projects for consideration and because of our market reach, ensure you are receiving the best and most dynamic pricing for your clients.

Copacity understands clients’ needs for a transparent, well documented and robust analysis when procuring these large capital investments and long-term contracts. Whether it’s a public Request for Proposal or a Private Competitive Bid, the Copacity platform partners specifically with energy consultants advisors and brokers to streamline your clean energy procurement process and provide you with the end-to-end procurement solution that reduces risk, streamlines your process, and delivers reports, analysis and recommendations that stand the test of scrutiny. As a result, you have a more streamlined process that increases both your sales and margins.

Market insight and solutions

Copacity has successfully procured clean energy for corporations, municipalities, non-profits, affordable, and public housing organizations. These clients have partnered with large, national renewable energy installers, down to local smaller firms with unique expertise.

However, the Copacity platform is for more than just procurement. It is your eyes and ears into the marketplace and all the latest clean energy technology trends, battery storage opportunities, climate change policies, and solar power incentives that shape it.

These insights can lead to smarter decisions for buyers in determining what is the right technology and deal structure, and for project developers in how to best position their projects and proposal offerings.

As the renewable energy industry evolves, Copacity evolves with it and for you. The Copacity team knows what it takes to procure clean energy and tailor contracts and projects that meet very specific needs and goals. We’ve seen it all, welcome the coming changes, and stand ready to ensure continued alignment to make procuring clean energy easy, efficient and cost-effective for all.

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Note From the CEO

For over 18 years, I have been involved in all aspects of the renewable energy industry, as a public official overseeing a state renewable program, as a private renewable energy developer, and serving as an independent renewable energy consultant, representing clients participating in this outstanding market. Through all my experiences, one thing has become evident: the client, regardless of its size or industry, could benefit from a streamlined renewable energy procurement process that can be managed with existing in-house capabilities.

Despite renewable energy being an affordable and accessible source of power, the procurement process is often complicated, time-consuming, and requires a skilled solar consultant. As a result, many public and private organizations of all sizes are missing opportunities to use solar power to lower operating costs and benefit the environment.

These challenges prompted me to create the Copacity solar platform to automate and simplify the renewable energy procurement process for energy users and project developers. Copacity embraces the need for automation and customization while delivering clear project metrics. The result is a process that is both simpler and more cost-effective for our clients.

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